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Each trail created by his hands defines his expression and personality. By breaking with pre-conceived movements, Giuliano provides opportunities to let out all his – plural, ambiguous, immersive, volatile, and indecipherable –feelings on surfaces. The monochromatic aspect evokes the pure obsession with the pursuit of perfection, shortening the interaction between creator and observer.

PEDRO H. MELO, curator

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Giuliano Martinuzzo’s art invites its appreciator to a universe of compositions exploring the complexity of the human mind. He engraves the meeting of abstract and organic through a mysterious and subliminal tracing. His works are fluid and expressed in curves, reflecting the most primal organic shapes, the line, Giuliano calls to the unconscious, to the origins of life and thought. Born in São Caetano do Sul, in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, he has, since his infancy, been submerged in compositions belonging to a parallel reality, a reflex of his timeless and introverted worldview that, through the years, translated into an explosion of indecipherable shapes representing Nature, a topic that he has always been intrigued by. The simple traits, in sharp contrast with complex forms have ever since become part of him: a vice and an obsession to find the perfect curve are applied in attempts that intrigue yet please the observer, being recognized and praised by his technique and minimalist and particular style.

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